Performance and Innovation Since 1946

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R. Lacy and Crain Energy are family owned companies primarily engaged in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

Our companies trace their beginning to East Texas entrepreneur Rogers Lacy who had his first significant success in the oil business in 1932 in the East Texas Oil Field. In 1946 he formed the original R. Lacy, Inc. to hold his diverse oil and gas interests. R. Lacy, Inc. has since grown into the R. Lacy and Crain Energy group of companies.

Today we operate nearly 300 wells and almost 200 miles of gas pipeline primarily located in Texas. Additionally we maintain non-operated working and royalty interests in over 2,000 wells across the continental United States.

R. Lacy is proud of its history and the reputation it has achieved over the years as a highly qualified, efficient operator and a good partner. We strive to conduct all activities – whether business dealings, community involvement, employee relations, or environmental stewardship – with the utmost honesty, integrity, respect and concern for others.